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What is it about running that makes me lose insane amounts of fat?

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  • What is it about running that makes me lose insane amounts of fat?

    This is probably a n00b question but I'll ask anyway.
    So I've had a 2 week break from lifting due to neck issues, so instead I've been doing veeeeeery slow jogging, almost as slow as a brisk walk.
    Yesterday I jogged for 54 minutes.

    Other than this I've been more or less completely sedentary, and like I said absolutely zero lifting.

    And on top of all this I've eating like a ****ing pig.

    I made a lasagne with a crazy thick, white, cheese sauce for the lasagne too, so it was high fat and high carb. And a bunch of junk food as well.

    Somehow I'm losing weight and I'm losing it fast too.

    Or at least fat, I don't weigh myself much but I have visibly less fat every 2-3 days, other people as well as myself keep notocing it. But when I tried to eat well and hit the gym every day losing weight was ****ing impossible.

    I know running burns a lot of kcals but this is seriosuly weird? I would gym 2 hours/day PLUS eat super strict but not lose weight.

    Now I jog slowly and eat like a pig and lose weight without trying, wtf?

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    Are you sure you just haven't lost your muscle fullness, from not pumping the iron?


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      You know it’s probably water weight, did you do much cardio before? If not then it’s all water weight, you need to do HIIT Training to preserve as much muscle as possible.

      Proof: look at the joggers vs the sprinters, who’s physique is better?