Steroid Injection Sites

If you want to go the injection route for your cycle then you want to know where to stick the needle. Assuming you know safe injection techniques (if not check the video at the bottom) then I have this handy table for you for all of the best steroid injection sites on the body:

Before you start pumping drugs into the body make sure you have read my comprehensive look at Steroid Side Effects. If your well aware of the risk and the mitigating techniques to manage such risk feel free to start transforming your body. Also, if you need Steroids for Beginners – Test E Cycle


Muscle Group

Location Procedure


Biceps Center of Each Head Dead center of either head – 2 spots per bicep Normally suitable for only small injections – can only hold small amounts of oil – painful for some, not for others
Calves Center of Muscle Head Dead center of either head – 2 spots per calf This is the most painful area to inject and will be extremely sore almost every time – there is no reason to inject calves for 99% of all people
Deltoids Center of each Head Dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per deltoid The lateral head is the easiest head to inject and the most convenient spot to inject other than glutes – most no one will need the front or rear head, but it is possible
Glutes Upper Outer Edge 2 inches below the lower back and move towards the hip approximately 2-3 inches – 1 spot per glute This will be the easiest and most convenient area to inject for anyone
Lats Center of Muscle Direct center of head – 1 spot per lat Can hold a lot of oil – very hard to do on your own due to reaching around to the area – beneficial if more areas are needed and you have a helpful hand
Pectorals Upper, Middle & Lower Upper Inside – middle inside – lower outside – 3 spots per pectoral The lower outside area can be extremely painful – most will find the upper inside to the most tolerable – should only be used if injections are so frequent new areas are needed
Quads Outer & Inner Heads Direct center of either head – 2 spots per quad The lower head (tear drop) can be extremely painful and while it can be used is not recommended
Traps Center of Muscle Direct center of the head – 1 spot per trap Absolutely no reason to inject this area – can be dangerous and is only mentioned for informative purposes as it is possible
Triceps Center of Each Head Dead center of all three heads – 3 spots per triceps Most will find the long head, the part on the very back of the arm to be the easiest to inject – The lateral head can also be used, the front most portion of the triceps muscle – the medial head can be extremely difficult to inject and painful for most

If you need a diagram of the muscle groups you should probably avoid the steroids until you are better equipped, but if you wont listen to me you can also click on the image below to get a better look:

Muscle Diagram

But first check out this short 3 minute video its an excelent guide in how to safely inject in the best steroid sites on your body. Like anything in the gym proper form and technique is important here as well. If you have any further questions please let me know by using the comments below.


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  1. dave

    I am just wondering which one is gud cycle for lean bulk nd hard body I have done stana nd tren a nd test before now I feel some joints pain after tht cycle do I go for Decca, nd test now ?? I also done hgh after my cycle

    1. Jake Archer

      Lean bulk has more to do with your diet then the gear you use (outside of the sides). Deca/Test is a good cycle with an AI to reduce sides, just make sure your diet is spot on for best results.

  2. andrew

    Jake what is the correct gauge for Intramuscular injections – (Glutes)

    I Think i have used 22 G in past. This is for Test Enanthate and Deca.


    1. Jake Archer

      There is no correct answer but I wouldn’t go below a 22 gauge. Most guys use 22-26 gauge for the glute so whatever you can get hold of and works for you will be fine.

    1. Jake Archer

      Hi Bob,

      Just got it set up, you can buy them from but if you want to use a credit card or paypal you can use my new service which can be found at the Napsgear Payment Page.

      Update: Service no longer offered – try one of the links in the right menu

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