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Having trouble purchasing through

Well I have come up with a solution. I have had a lot of feedback about people struggling to purchase steroids through our recommended and only supplier. For obvious legal reasons they use only a small number of painful payment options. I was unable to purchase anything myself until I sucked it up and transferred the $500 minimum for the wire transfer (which turned out to be a great decision).

Anyway the point is I can use my account to purchase products on your behalf if you wish and I will accept the payments through paypal (you can use your credit card as well). So if the payment process was holding you back please visit my Napsgear payment page and follow the steps and I can get you access to these quality brands and quality steroid products.

If your interested please visit my payment page. 

To purchase legal steroids, then the place to go is

If you want real steroids then you can't beat the range and price of The only issue is getting your orders past customs.

If you want to pay a bit more and have a little less choice I have found an online Aussie supplier who guarantees shipment and has high quality gear. They can be found at


  1. Sorry for the typo I was interested in which currency the Superbolic prices are advertised

  2. Just doing some research initially, mainly on where to purchase real steroids, what is a safe payment plan and delivery to Australia

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